Friday, February 26, 2016

The Yamaha YZ250F is a  motorcycle first released in 2001 by yamaha It has a five-valve. 4 stroke motor instead of a 2 stroke and initially had a steel frame and an aluminum subframe. which was replaced in the 2005 model with an all-aluminum frame. From 1974 through 1982 the engine sported a 70 mm bore and a 64 mm stroke. That will produce a displacement of 250 cc. In 1983, the bore was reduced to 68 mm and the stroke was increased to 68 mm producing a displacement of 247 cc. This is one of my favorite bikes of all time. They are super fast but still really good for trail riding and things like that. This bike might be older but it will keep up with the newer bikes that are in the same cc class. I would love to buy one of these i would probably get rid of my cr for it. 

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